Here you will find what's been happening in the club and other stories of interest regarding triathlon and multisport in the local area. 

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Congratulations to all our award recipients.

Club Champions

 Based on the new Club Champion criteria.

  Champion Runner-up
Overall Alexandra Keith (254)  
Senior Male Toby Smith (234) Ryan Cross (232)
Senior Female Alexandra Keith (254) Sharon McAuliffe (192)
Junior Male Brendan Malcom (211) Ethan Sanderson (195)
Junior Female Megan Keil (178) Freya Veikkanen (110)


Outstanding Acheivement Award

 Tom Fisher


Service to Club - President's Award

 Linda Love


Senior Mini Triathlon - Bairnsdale

  Winner Runner-up
Overall John Nuttall  
Senior Male John Nuttall James Owen
Senior Female Alexandra Keith Laura Owen
Junior Male Ethan Sanderson Adam Beechy
Junior Female Emma Belfield Zoe Belfield

Senior Mini Triathlon - Sale

  Winner Runner-up
Senior Male David Gardiner Simon Whitford
Senior Female Jennifer O'Neill Danielle Monaghan
Junior Male Kai McDonald Ben Lang
Junior Female Jordan Rowand Megan Keil


Kids Mini Triathlon - Bairnsdale

   Long Distance    Mid Distance    Micro Distance
1 Cohen Frith 1 Joel Rawlings 1 Chelsea Rawlings
2 Che Buckley 2 Cadel Cross 2 Ned Sheridan
3 Pip Treasure 3 Curtis Wilmot 3 Charlotte Walkley


Kids Mini Triathlon - Sale

   Long Distance    Mid Distance    Micro Distance
1 Finn McDonald 1 Eddie Welgemoed 1 Harry Whitford
1 Renier Welgemoed 2 Maeve Hatwell 2 Grace Griebenow
2 Thomas Scott 3 Stuart Ray 3 Nash Monaghan
3 Arki Vardy