Club membership for the 2016/17 season is now open.  Riviera Triathlon Club is affilliated with Triathlon Victoria so membership also includes Triathlon Australia membership. 


Choosing your Membership type

Competing membership

If you participate in triathlon regularly this is the membership for you.  Benefits include:-

  • Public liability and personal accident insurance cover while you are racing in sanctioned events and training for sanctioned events for the duration of your membership.
  • Lower event entry cost (no need to pay the One Day Membership fee)
  • Discounts on Triathlon Australia selected products and services
  • Free entry to our Mini Triathlon series (22 triathlons) - save $6 per senior triathlon (or $132 per season) and $5 per kid's triathlon (or $110 per season)
  • Eligibility for Riviera Triathlon Club awards (eg. Club Champion & Mini Triathlon points awards)

Non-competing/Non-training membership

This is a social type memberhip if you want to be involved in triathlon but are not participating regularly. If you are going to participate in the Mini Triathlon series or enter other sanctioned events you will need to pay the additional Triathlon Australia One Day Membership (ODM) to cover you for insurance while competing.  Benefits include:-

  • Public liability and personal accident insurance cover while you are volunteering or officiating at club activities and sanctioned events. 
  • Discounts on Triathlon Australia selected products and services
  • Eligibility for Riviera Triathlon Club awards (eg. Club Champion & Mini Triathlon points awards)

 Fee structure

Membership Type1

Triathlon Australia

Riviera Triathlon Club


Total Cost2


Adult (20yrs+)

$130 $15 $145 $152.25

Junior (12-19yrs)

$64 $10 $74 $77.70

Junior (5-11yrs)

$32 $10 $42 $44.10

Family Discount

20% discount

25%+ discount

depends on family size

Non-competing/Non-Training (Social Membership)

Adult (20yrs+)

Junior (5-19yrs)









  1. Age is taken as of 31 Dec 2016
  2. includes 5% Active processing fee

Family Discount

Annual membership for family of 4 or more.

Family membership offers a discount of 20% off Triathlon Australia annual membership for families of 4 or more individuals (with a maximum of two individuals 20+yrs).

To receive this discount you will be asked to specify that you are joining as a family when you complete your membership. Please note that each adult within your family must have a unique email address.

Professional licence holders and Non-Competing / Non-Training members are not eligible for the 20% family discount.

NB. Family Membership - Existing INDIVIDUAL members of Triathlon Australia who want to join up as a FAMILY group  to get the family discount need to call Triathlon Australia on (02) 8488 6200 so they can remove your existing Individaul membership first.

How do I Join more than one Club?

You are able to join more than one club, however this must be done in two separate transactions. To join a second club, you must select “New Member Join Now” and complete the form with your current membership details. When you get to the club selection, you will need to select Riviera Triathlon Club. The system will recognise you already have a current Triathlon Australia membership and will only charge you the fees of the Riviera Triathlon Club.